How to Turn Netflix Autoplay Previews On or Off?

Please let me know that how to turn Netflix autoplay previews on or off. I am facing some issues while watching Netflix. Help me.


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Turn Netflix Autoplay Previews On or Off:

When you are navigating through the home page of your Netlfix, you may be willing to close down the previews that may be automatically shown. To cater to this requirement of viewers, Netflix has provided an option for the viewers to switch the previews on or off as per their own requirements.

You can turn Netflix autoplay previews on or off only from operating your Netflix account from your internet browser only. So here is presented a set simple procedure to activate or deactivate the Netflix previews.

Deactivating Netflix Previews to be Shown in your Netflix Account

Step 1 - Open your Internet Browser

Step 2 - Launch the Netflix web page and log in to your account.

Step 3 - Now click on the profile picture and go to the Manage Profiles section. You can also directly go to Profile and Parental Controls and select Playback Settings either.

Step 4 - Now select the profile you are willing to disable.

Step 5 - As and when you happen to choose the profile, navigate to find the Autoplay Controls. Under the Autoplay Controls, you can uncheck the “Autoplay Option” for preventing the previews of the next episode of the series you may be regularly watching to be shown.

Also, under the same Autoplay Control heading you can uncheck the “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices” to prevent the streaming of videos from being played automatically.

The changes that you do here will apply across the board on all devices that you may be using to operate your Netflix account. As and when this Autoplay option is disabled, you will be able to conveniently choose from a wide range of videos to watch or add to your preferred videos folder. 

  • Steffan
  • 17 December 2023