How to Turn Off Autoplay on Max?

Please let me know how to turn Off autoplay on Max. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.


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Turn Off Autoplay on Max:

You would have definitely witnessed the Autoplay feature on HBO Max ultimately facilitating the auto-play of videos, movies, and, web series on Max. But, owing to a couple of convenient considerations you would be willing to turn off Autoplay on Max quickly.

This quick guide is here with certain enabling processes following which you can easily turn off Autoplay on Max feature on different platforms going forward.    

Disabling Max Autoplay on Your Computer

Step 1 - Open the Max homepage on your computer followed by logging in to your Max account. Then, click the Profile icon which is generally shown on the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2 - Continue by selecting the “Settings” option and then scroll down to the “Playback” section of your HBO Max account.

Step 3 - Navigate further to find the toggle button shown against the “Auto-play next episode on this device” heading. Moving on, just toggle off the corresponding switch and check whether the “Turn Off Autoplay on Max” action is accomplished successfully.

Here is How You can Turn Off Max Autoplay on a Mobile Device

Step 1 - In a bid to turn off Autoplay on Max simply begin by tapping on the Profile icon which is ideally displayed on the top right corner of the app-based interface.

Step 2 - Resume the process of turning off the Autoplay option by tapping on the “Settings” gear.

Step 3 - Now tap on the “Playback” option and thereafter tap the toggle switch shown against the “Auto-play next episode on this device” option followed by turning it off.

Turn Off Autoplay on Max Feature on Your TV 

Step 1 - From the Home screen of your TV just scroll leftwards to open up the side menu.

Step 2 - Now, choose to select the “Settings” option which is generally visible at the bottom. 

Step 3 - Finally to turn off Autoplay on Max, continue by scrolling to the “Playback” segment followed by disabling the “Autoplay Episodes” section simply by activating the “Off” button thereunder.

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