How to Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus?

Please let me know that how to turn off the narrator on Disney plus. I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.


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Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus: Roku

Disney Plus has a lot of content available for all ages and genres. Just like Amazon Prime, you will also be required to purchase a subscription to Disney Plus. There is an array of shows and movies available on Disney Plus that you can enjoy solo or with your family.

You can even watch Pixar, Marvel, and National Geographic. There are multiple features that make it stand amongst the other hot trending platforms. 

People who aren’t in need of the narrator might find it really irritating. There could be a chance that your toddler might have fiddled around with the remote and turned on the narrator or by mistake you might have turned it on. In such cases to turn off the narrator on Disney plus might seem challenging since you might not even know where the settings could be. 

So to turn off the narrator on why is Disney plus narrating my movie you can follow the easy and quick fixes listed down below. It is easy to find your way out only if you know where the settings are located. 

Method 1: Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus

Now, how to turn off screen reader on Disney plus follow the steps below. 

  • Play the video normally as you do. 
  • Click on the * button on the remote. 

  • While the video is playing, change the audio track to an option that doesn’t include an audio option. 
  • After a while, switch your audio track to the desired option. 

Method 2: Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus

You can use this method in case the above method fails to work for you. Follow these 3 easy steps to turn off the narrator on Disney plus. 

  • Start playing the video. 
  • Again as stated above press the * button on the remote. 

  • Now, disable the Volume mode.

Method 3: How to Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus Roku

If you use the Roku application there’s a different method that you could follow in order to turn off narrator on disney plus roku. 

  • Open Settings
  • Click on the option for Audio

  • Make sure that both the S/PDIF and ARC are set to Stereo. 

Any of these methods can help you in Disney Plus audio description turn off and enjoy premium content without any glitches.

Disney Plus streaming service was launched in 2019. You can watch a lot of movies and channels by taking a subscription to Disney Plus. The narrator is an additional feature available on various online streaming platforms to support visually impaired or blind people.

Just like any other device for the visually impaired the narrator helps people navigate through Disney Plus's online streaming platform. 

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Why is Disney Plus Narrating my Movie:

Disney's streaming platform, Disney Plus, is just an online hub that offers a plethora of video material from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. Even National Geographic documentaries are available. All ages can enjoy its exclusive content, which draws a lot of users.

A range of accessible tools is available on Disney Plus, notably audio descriptions that use a narration track to explain what is on screen for you. Although this function benefits subscribers having visual impairments, it may frustrate those that do not require narration.

This article will assist you in swiftly resolving the situation if you may have unintentionally activated this function but are unsure how to disable it.

How Can I Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus Narrator? (iOS and Android) ?

Along with the iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones can also run the Disney Plus software. Therefore I'll now demonstrate how to turn off the narrative for Disney Plus on such portable devices.

  • On your iOS or Android smartphone, launch the Disney+ app.
  • Play an open movie.
  • The playback transit controls (play/pause, rewind, forward) will appear when you tap the screen.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, tap the square symbol for More Settings.
  • You will find the audio or subtitle setup options. Decide upon English from the Audio list. 

On Apple TV, How can I Disable the Narration for Disney Plus?

Step 1: Play the video, then turn on Disney Plus on your Apple TV.

Step 2: To access the audio and subtitle settings on your Apple TV screen, swipe down on the remote.

Step 3: Select English as the language (the option that does not include an audio description.)

You must disable the VoiceOver feature on your Apple TV if the approach, as mentioned earlier, does not work.

Step 1: Click Settings, then choose Accessibility.

Step 2: Select VoiceOver as well as click the "Off" button.

Step 3: Tapping the Menu and Back buttons three times will activate the shortcut to turn VoiceOver off.

How do I Disable the Narrator on my Samsung TV For Disney Plus?

Step 1: Select Settings from the home screen of your Samsung TV.

Step 2: Tap General, after which Accessibility (General & Privacy).

Step 3: Select "Turn Voice Guide Off" under Voice Guide Configurations.

Alternatively, when Disney Plus is playing on the Samsung TV, click the up arrow button on the remote controller twice. You can choose no Subtitles by clicking the Language box within the top right corner of the screen.


Disney Plus' Audio Description (narrator) feature is beneficial for people with visual impairments. Still, members who don't require it will find it hard to find the option of turning it off. This list contains methods for turning off Disney Plus Narrator on numerous devices, and then you'll find it simple to follow the steps.

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