How to Upload 4K Videos From a PC to YouTube?

Please let me know how to upload 4K videos from a PC to YouTube. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.


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10 August 2023

Upload 4K Videos From a PC to YouTube:

Using your preferred video editing program, download the footage in 4K if you want to upload it to YouTube in that resolution from your PC. As long as the program allows for 4K export, Upload 4K Videos From a PC to YouTube, it doesn't matter which one you use.

Your video editing program should be able to work with MP4 files, H.264 video, and AAC audio for the best outcomes. While YouTube will typically process and convert whatever format of 4K video you submit, even raw camera footage, it greatly reduces the likelihood of upload issues if you follow their suggestions.

Here's How to Use Your PC to Publish 4K Content to YouTube:

1. Export Your Video Using the Following Settings Using the Clip Editing Program of Your Choice:

  • MP4 file format
  • H.264 encoder
  • Native (the rate of frames per second utilized for recording the video) Resolution: 3840x2160
  • 85 Mbps Bit Rate
  • AAC is the audio encoding format.
  • 44100 Hz Sample Rate
  • 320+ Kbps for bit rate

2. On the YouTube Website, Click Your Camera Button in the Forefront of the Right Corner.

  • To upload a video, click.
  • Select Files by clicking.
  • Find your 4K video, pick it, and click Open.
  • Scroll down after adding a title and a description.
  • Click Next after making any necessary audience configuration adjustments.
  • If you're after the footage to be accessible to everyone, choose Public.
  • Press Publish.
  • While the video uploads, keep the window open.
  • You'll get a notification indicating that the video is processing after it has finished uploading.
  • The window can now be closed, or you can leave it open to see a visual representation of the amount of time it takes.

Adding Large 4K Video Videos to YouTube

As long as you have encrypted the movie with the proper settings, publishing 4K videos to YouTube is the same as publishing other films. Should you wish to submit lengthy movies to YouTube, you must additionally authenticate your account. You require a phone number that is capable of receiving calls or texts in order to authenticate a YouTube account.

Verified accounts can submit videos that are no less than twelve hours and a maximum of 256 GB in size, however, unverified accounts are only permitted to upload files that are fifteen minutes long.

What Export Options Are Best for 4K Youtube Videos?

Although YouTube supports a variety of file kinds and settings, they do provide some suggestions that can assist you prevent upload issues and optimize your movies for the site.

For instance, YouTube advises using the MP4 format, H.264 video, and AAC-LC audio. The likelihood of experiencing any issues is reduced by adhering as closely as feasible to the suggested YouTube settings.

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