How to Use Multiview in YouTube TV to Watch Live Sports?

Please let me know that how to use multiview in YouTube tv to watch live sports. I am facing some issue in this. Help me.


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Use Multiview in YouTube TV to Watch Live Sports:

You can watch up to four live streams on YouTube TV simultaneously using the multiview feature, as explained in this article. Only smart TVs and streaming devices can Use Multiview in YouTube TV to Watch Live Sports. 

Get YouTube TV Multiview: How to Do It

Choose a multiview stream within the YouTube TV app to view all of the included live streams on your screen. Multiview streams usually contain the term "multiview" in the title, and the team logos are displayed in a split screen on the video thumbnail. You cannot choose which games to watch in multiview mode because the feature only provides pre-set live feeds.

Where Multiview Streams Can Be Found

To find multiview films, navigate to the Home tab under the Recommended Multiviews or Top Picks for You sections.

Additionally, multiview feeds are available on the official YouTube TV home pages of the NFL, NBA, and NWBA. When you watch live games, available multiview streams appear in your Watch Next suggestions.

How would you want to start watching? You can Watch in multiview if you choose a single live game that is part of a multiview broadcast.

How do YouTube TV's Multiview Features Operate?

To listen to the audio for a particular stream while in multiview mode, highlight it. To move between streams on your remote, use the directional buttons. You can keep viewing the other screens in multiview mode, but you'll only be able to hear audio from the stream that is highlighted.

Press the Select button on your remote to see the full-screen version of the highlighted stream. Using the Back button will bring you back to multiview. Press the Back button once more to end the multiview.

Activate Captions For Multiview

Open a stream in full-screen mode, then click the down button on your remote control until you see the playback choices. This will enable captions for the video in multiview. Whenever you switch back to multiview after turning on captions while in full-screen mode, the captions will remain active.

How to Use YouTube TV to Watch Four Games at Once

Every multiview stream features two to four carefully chosen games. You must locate a stream playing four games to watch them all at once. Look for four pairs of team logos in the thumbnails of videos.

YouTube TV Multiview: What Is It?

You can simultaneously watch two to four live broadcasts with YouTube TV multiview. This function is intended for sports fans who wish to follow several games simultaneously.

Not every YouTube TV episode is accessible in multiview mode. Multiview is only supported by a few sports streams. For instance, multiview viewing is available for most NFL Sunday Ticket and March Madness games. A subscription is needed to access NFL Sunday Ticket content, which you may combine with YouTube TV.

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