How to Use the Sling TV DVR?

Is there anyone who knows how to use the Sling TV DVR. I am facing some issues while trying to use Sling tv dvr. I have no idea how to do this. Hep me.


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Use the Sling TV DVR:

Using Sling TV DVR can actually enable you to record, delete or protect your favorite TV shows and videos and can facilitate watching them as and when you need. Friends, I have also been using Sling TV DVR to record and watch shows at my own convenience.

In this context use the Sling TV DVR, it is worth mentioning that to use the Sling TV DVR you just need to carry out certain pre-defined procedures to continue using Sling TV DVR for recording or deleting your preferred video or show.

So, here is presented a complete user guide to using the Sling TV DVR to record or delete different shows that you wish.

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Recording Using Sling TV

Step 1: Initially, when you are navigating your Sling TV you have to click on the preferred show or video after you have searched your favorite Sling TV show.

Step 2: When the incidental information pertaining to the show or video starts appearing on the panel, click on the “Record”.

Step 3: A new window will pop up that will show different recording options from which you have to choose one. For your convenience different recording options are enlisted hereunder:

  • Record all episodes.     
  • Record New Episodes.
  • Record this episode only.
  • Cancel.

Step 4 - Please note that there is no displayed new message that the Sling TV recording has begun but a new section “Recordings” will definitely be added therein.

How you can Stop Recording Sling TV  

Step 1: If your favorite TV show or video is already shown under the “Recordings” section then you just have to stop the one which you want to stop. But, if your favorite TV show is not shown under the “Recordings” section then you have to select “My DVR” followed by choosing the Show or the Movie.

Step 2: Then you should choose “Stop”.

Step 3: You also have to give a confirmation that you wish to stop followed by choosing the current recording by selecting “Yes”.

Step 4: You should mark that the given recording has stopped when you see the “Record” option again.

Deleting the Recordings in Sling TV DVR  

Step 1: Select by clicking on the DVR tab under the “My TV” tab.

Step 2: Choose to click on “Manage”.

Step 3: Now you have to select the show that you wish to “Delete” as a result of which a checkmark will start appearing on the video tile.

Step 4: Now press the “Delete” button to delete the video you have already selected.

Protecting Your Favorite Recording in Sling DVR

Step 1: Just choose your favorite movie or show you want to protect by navigating my DVR section under the “My TV” tab.

Step 2: Now press the “Protect” button when the details for the given show or movie start appearing.

Step 3: The protection option is successfully executed when the “Protect” option changes to “Unprotect”.

So, here was a complete discussion on to use the Sling TV DVR to record, stop or delete different shows or movie.

  • Steffan
  • 07 February 2024