How to Use Voice Commands to Enhance Your TV?

Please let me know that how to use voice commands to enhance your tv. I am facing some issues in this while watching movie. Help me.


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Use Voice Commands to Enhance Your TV 

Use Voice Commands to Enhance Your TV , but despite significant advancements in speech recognition, most people hardly ever use them. Furthermore, when we speak with them, we frequently ask Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri about the weather. To improve your TV-watching experience, you can use a few voice commands available now, as using a TV remote can be difficult.

Imagine that the doorbell rings while you're halfway through an episode of Andor or your other favourite TV show. When you return, you can use a voice command to resume where you left off or pause the action. Moreover, voice commands can open a streaming app, see who directed the production, or even learn what an actor on screen just said. 

What You Must Have

Voice control is a feature that is integrated into every top TV and TV streaming device. While some voice commands offer similar functionality, Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, Roku's Alexa, and Amazon's Alexa are the most flexible. Your remote control supports voice commands if it has a button with an icon of a microphone on it. 

Occasionally, you can operate your TV with a smartphone, smart speaker, or intelligent display if they are in the same room and linked to the same Wi-Fi network. If you want to be able to give commands without having to reach for the remote and press the microphone button, this is useful. 

The Samsung SmartThings app, the Roku app, or the Google or Apple Home apps must all be installed on your smart TV for any of these to function. You can pair smart speakers with your Fire TV using Amazon's Alexa by opening the Alexa app, selecting your Fire TV, tapping More > TV & Video, and then selecting the Echo speaker you want to control the TV. To use streaming devices like Chromecast with Google TV, you must typically link your accounts with streaming services.

Concerns Regarding What You're Watching

You can also enquire about the content you are viewing. For instance:

  • With whom is this?
  • With whom does Brooklyn Nine-Nine star?
  • This was released when?
  • Who oversaw this?
  • What grade is this?

Past TV

You can ask the assistants questions unrelated to what you're watching if you're using a streaming device like Apple TV or Chromecast with Google TV, like:

  • Find local Chinese eateries
  • Play some music (track, band, genre).
  • Is my iPhone somewhere?
  • How will the weather be tomorrow?
  • Display my pictures.

You can use voice commands, including "Dim the lights" or "Show me the front door", if your smart home appliances—such as video doorbells or smart lighting—are connected to the same network and are included in your Home app.

Turning off

These commands come in particularly useful when you want to set your child's bedtime or are nodding off and can't find the remote:

  • Switch the TV off.
  • After 20 minutes, turn off the TV.
  • To turn on your TV with voice commands, you must first set up your streaming device, add your TV to the Home app, or enable the relevant Alexa skill.
  • Schedules and Renderings

Establishing small routines or shortcuts that combine several actions from a single voice command is worthwhile because it can be irritating to constantly say "Alexa," "Hey Google," or "Hey Siri," or press the mic button on the remote. Say, "It's movie time!" to instruct your phone to put itself on Do Not Disturb mode, for instance, and turn down the lights and turn on the TV.

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  • 04 April 2024
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