How to Use WhatsApp Web When Your Phone Is Offline?

Please let me know that how to use WhatsApp web when your phone is offline. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.


James 1  Ans 1 week ago
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The WhatsApp mobile app just replicated your communication to the user interface of a connected device. This meant that WhatsApp wouldn't function on connected devices when your phone's battery ran out or had a bad internet connection.

But not anymore—even while your phone is unavailable, you can use WhatsApp Web safely. Let's start now.

Use WhatsApp Web When Your Phone Is Offline

Step 1: You can use WhatsApp on the web, desktop, or Portal without a phone. Two strategies exist for doing this:

Step 1: Search for WhatsApp in the App Store or Google Play Store to upgrade the app on your smartphone. Upgrade if asked to do so. Re-login to your connected devices after that.

Step 1: You must enrol in the multi-device beta if the previously mentioned option is ineffective. You must be able to discover this functionality in the Linked Devices section of your WhatsApp mobile app as of the time of writing. Join the beta and then sign in again on your connected devices.

Step 1: You may now use WhatsApp Web or even the desktop app on several devices simultaneously, even if your phone is turned off or is not linked to the internet.

Step 1: Despite the possibility that your experience will differ, WhatsApp notes a few restrictions with the update. For instance:

Step 1: On linked devices, you cannot make and browse broadcast lists.

Step 1: WhatsApp web does not support link preview.

Step 1: You could run into some issues when contacting or texting someone who uses an outdated version of WhatsApp.

How to Disconnect a Linked Device on WhatsApp Remotely

Step 1: On WhatsApp, having numerous connected devices can be extremely helpful. Therefore, for security concerns, you should remove a gadget.

Step 2: On iOS, click Linked Devices under Settings in the WhatsApp mobile app's bottom right corner to accomplish this. Choose Linked devices by tapping the three vertical dots in the top right corner of Android.

Step 3: Select the device you want to unplug, then select Log Out.

Step 4: Continue using WhatsApp without a mobile device.

Step 5: You may talk with individuals using WhatsApp sites or even the desktop software without relying on your phone due to this new WhatsApp function, which is a relief.

When using the web version of WhatsApp, be careful because deleting the browser cache will log you out if it's still connected to your phone, even though you'll always be logged in on the WhatsApp desktop app. Therefore, you should avoid removing the cache until your phone is back in the picture.

  • Steffan
  • 26 February 2024