How to Watch Netflix in VR?

Hello, Please let me know that how to watch Netflix in VR. I bought a new VR system and want to watch Netflix on that. But don't have any idea about that. Help me.


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Watch Netflix in VR:

Netflix is the most famous streaming service on the market, owing to its vast selection and low-cost subscription options. Netflix has based its creativity on creating a robust collection of original content, while its competitors have added features like streaming TV and live sports.

If you want to take your Netflix experience to the next level, there's one lesser-known feature that awaits you: virtual reality. All you need to talk about Netflix VR is right here.

What is Netflix VR?

Netflix VR is a Netflix app that lets users watch their favorite shows and videos on their Oculus and Google Daydream View VR headsets. A living room viewing experience and Void mode are the two options open to users.

When you watch in the living room, you'll be taken to a cozy den with a TV above the fireplace. Since you'll be staring at the room ceiling if you lie on your back while using the Living Room mode, you'll need to sit up as you usually would during TV time.

Void mode eliminates the room, leaving you with a blank space in which to watch whatever you want. If you're going to watch Netflix in bed, the Void mode is for you. That's what there is to it in terms of options. Though Netflix VR is a beautiful experience, it is limited in terms of choice.

What is Accessible on Netflix VR?

Netflix VR has all of Netflix's regular programming, but there are currently no original VR programs or 3D movies included with your package. Netflix will introduce exclusive VR programming in the future, but nothing has been revealed as of yet.

How to Watch Netflix in VR?

Let's go over how to watch Netflix in VR, depending on the VR system you use. When it comes to watching Netflix in VR, you have a few choices. Everything you need to know about each one is right here.

Watch Netflix in VR with Google Daydream:

Step 1: Download and Install ‘Daydream’

You can get 'Daydream' by downloading the APK file and installing it on your smartphone device from this website.

Step 2: Download and Install Netflix VR’

After you've finished with the Daydream app, repeat the process to add 'Netflix VR' to your device.

Step 3: Open ‘Netflix VR’

Start the ‘Netflix VR' app. It will prompt you to enable 'Google VR' services in your phone's settings. By allowing it, your smartphone will be more adaptable to the VR app.

Step 4: Log in to Netflix

When you open 'Netflix VR,' you'll be transferred to a warm and welcoming VR space with a big Netflix screen in front of you. Start watching your favorite show on Netflix.

Step 5: Switch from 'Living Room' Mode to 'Void' Mode

This is a personal decision that the consumer must make. To turn to Void mode, look up to the ceiling of the living room in VR and click on the ‘Void Theater.' Only the Netflix screen is visible in this Void mode.

Step 6: Switch Between Modes

You can switch between 'Living Room,' 'Travel mode,' and 'Void mode' in void mode.

Watch Netflix VR with Oculus Rift:

The Oculus Rift is the ultimate home VR, built with advanced VR gaming and computer programs in mind.

The Oculus Rift is an advanced device that needs a machine with Windows 8.1 or later, a 64-bit system, an NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470 more excellent graphics card, and 8GB of RAM. It also comes with two Oculus Touch controllers, six free games, and the best VR tracking.

Unfortunately, even with all of that control, you'll only be able to watch standard-definition footage. To use the Oculus Rift to watch Netflix in VR, download and install the Netflix app from the Oculus store.

Watch Netflix VR with Samsung Gear VR:

Samsung Gear VR is a good option if you have a Samsung phone but aren't ready to commit to Oculus Rift. Oculus powers it, and the setup process for both devices is the same.

  • From the Oculus home screen, go to Netflix.
  • To install the app, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • All you have to do now is sign in to Netflix once it has launched.


Virtual reality is the next big thing. Furthermore, Netflix, which is the pioneer of customer-friendly content, is now available in Virtual Reality systems, allowing you to watch movies or episodes in an immersive environment.

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