How to Watch Netflix on Your PlayStation?

Is there anyone who knows about how to watch Netflix on your PlayStation. I am facing some issues while watching it. Help me.


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Watch Netflix on Your PlayStation:

You can enjoy watching amazing and enthralling Netflix videos on your PlayStation just by executing a few simple settings-related steps. To watch Netflix on your PlayStation you just have to download the Netflix application and sign in to your Netflix account.

So here is a quick guide that takes you through the entire process of pairing your Netflix account on your PlayStation.

Downloading the Netflix Application

Step 1 - You should begin with downloading the Netflix application on your PlayStation. To get this done, simply navigate through the TV/Video Services panel On your home screen and find the Netflix icon thereafter.

If you are not on the home screen, then press the PS button in the middle of your PlayStation controller and select Quit followed by choosing “Yes” again to return to the Home screen.

Also please do note that if you don’t find the Netflix icon as contemplated in Step - 1 above, then follow the below-mentioned steps to download the Netflix app.

  1. Choose PlayStation Store
  2. Now choose apps followed by selecting Movies/TV.
  3. Select Netflix and then click on the Download option.  

Step 2 - Now choose Yes to use the feature of Netflix and start downloading the Netflix app. As a consequence of this, the Netflix application will start downloading.

Signing in to Your Netflix Account

Step 1 - You will be prompted to sign in to your PlayStation Network first. To do this, you can check the Auto Sign-in box to log on to the PlayStation automatically every time you try to sign in to your Netflix account.

Step 2 - Now sign in to your Netflix and continue enjoying Netflix videos.

In case you operate PlayStation 4 repeat the above steps to watch Netflix on your PlayStation 4 as well.

For PlayStation 5 the steps are largely the same but a few icons have been renamed, so here is a quick take-through to run Netflix on PlayStation 5.

Open the Netflix Application and Sign-in Subsequently

Step 1 - Go to the Media section from the Home screen.

Step 2 - Choose All Apps and then find Music and Video apps followed by clicking on the Netflix icon.

Step 3 - And then download the Netflix App

Step 4 - Now sign in to your Netflix app by following the step by adhering to steps 1 and step 2 discussed under “Signing-in to your Netflix account” above and start watching Netflix videos.

  • Steffan
  • 03 May 2024
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