How to Watch Netflix on Roku TV?

Please let me know that how to watch Netflix on your Roku. I am facing some issues while searching Netflix on roku, I didn't find it. Help me.


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07 November 2023

How to watch Netflix on Roku TV

You can watch Netflix on Roku TV streaming devices if you have a Netflix account with Roku. Roku is an affordable streaming device that streams entertaining content from the internet to TV. Since Netflix offers a wide range of options,  you can set up Netflix on different streaming devices including Roku, and watch it on TV.

You can easily watch Netflix on your Roku by following the simple steps:

 Launch the Netflix channel on your TV


  • Set the Netflix channel on your Roku remote.

  • Enter the Netflix activation code.

  • Now the Netflix title will appear on the screen

  • After you trace the Netflix icon on the screen tap the icon

  • Now watch Netflix on your Roku in a hassle-free manner.

Download Netflix  from Roku Channel on your TV

If Netflix is not preinstalled on your Roku Channel, you can easily install Netflix on Roku. After installing Netflix you can watch any show from the Netflix library. 


  • Firstly,  check your Internet connection and switch on your TV set.

  • Now use the Roku Remote to Press Home Button.

  • From the Roku Home screen select the Streaming Channels options. Use the Roku Remote arrow keys to navigate through the screen.

  • Click the Search Channels option and locate the Netflix Channel on your TV.

  • Now click the Add Channel button and click Enter.

  • Enter your Netflix pin to validate the Netflix authentication code for hassle-free streaming on your Roku device.

  • Netflix will be installed and you can watch Netflix on your Roku.

  • Select your favorite Netflix show and watch it on TV.

Please note- If Netflix is already present on your device, all you have to do is to log in using your Netflix credentials and watch your favorite show.

Is your Roku compatible with Netflix?

If you are not able to stream Netflix on Roku, it means that you are using old Roku hardware and you cannot watch Netflix on your Roku. Since Roku does not provide updates for older versions there are chances that Netflix cannot keep the app up to date. 

The older Roku versions that are not compatible with Netflix are the First and Second Generation Roku which were manufactured before 2011. Third Generation Roku devices that were built after 2011 will work with Netflix. 

The older Roku hardware that does not work with Netflix includes Roku HD, HD, XDS and Netgear branded Roku HD. So check out the list of compatible Roku devices on Netflix if you want to watch Netflix on your Roku.

What to do if Netflix keeps crashing on Roku?

Verify the internet connection, Netflix connection, and whether Roku is connected to your TV properly. If all these things are in place, contact your Roku streaming service customer support for help.

What to do if Netflix does not work on Roku?

  1.  If the problem lies with the Netflix Service provider, wait until things get sorted or contact Netflix service for updates.

  2. Check your Internet connection if you cannot watch Netflix on Roku. You can also switch over to an ethernet cable if the problem lies with your Internet device.  To check whether your Roku is connected to the internet properly, go through the following steps:

  • Go to the HomeScreen of Roku and click the Settings Menu.

  • Open the Network option and check the Internet Connection.

  1. If your Roku is running on an older software version then you will not be able to watch Netflix on Roku. Get the latest Roku update to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Select the Systems option from the Settings Menu.

  • Select the Software Update and click on the Check Now option.

  • Your Roku software will be updated to the latest version.

  1. Uninstall the Netflix app and then reinstall it if all other methods fail to fix the problem. However, use this method as the last possible option to troubleshoot Netflix not working on Roku.

  • To uninstall, select Netflix Settings from the Roku Menu and click the Deactivate button.

  • Press Home on Roku remote and {*}Button after selecting Netflix.

  • Click the Remove Channel option.

  • Your Netflix will be uninstalled.

  • Now Reinstall Netflix once more to watch Netflix on your Roku.

The simplest way to solve the problem of Netflix not working on Roku is to Plug out the Roku device and wait for a few seconds. Now Plug in Roku and wait for one minute to restart Netflix on Roku.

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