How to Watch Sling TV on Xbox One and Xbox 360?

Please let me know that how to watch Sling tv on Xbox One and Xbox 360. I am facing some issues while watching movies on Sling. Help me.


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Watch Sling TV on Xbox One and Xbox 360:

Sling TV is a renowned live streaming service that offers a great deal of versatility in offering high-end live TV streaming services in the form of better television subscription packages which are largely by preferred many users in the US.

People can easily watch Sling TV on multiple platforms like Android, Apple, Xbox, and the likes just by pairing their specific software platform with the Sling TV application. So, in this quick user guide, we will try to find out how we can watch Sling TV on Xbox and Xbox 360.

Installing and Enjoying Sling TV on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the United States

Step 1 - Visit the Store after launching your Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Step 2 - While you are in Store, find Sling TV on the Search Bar.

Step 3 - From the results that get displayed, find and open the Official Sling TV application and install the same in a bid to download Sling TV on your Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Step 4 - Move ahead to launch the application after the Sling TV installation gets accomplished.  

Step 5 - Just punch in your login credentials and continue watching your preferred channels by subscribing to a package as per your requirement.

Watching Sling TV on Xbox One and Xbox 360 Outside the United States

Step 1 - Simply cause your Xbox 360 or Xbox One to come into effect by launching the same.

Step 2 - Click on the Xbox Guide that is displayed in the top left corner of the Home Screen.

Step 3 - Now give click on Settings.

Step 4 - Now navigate to the Settings Menu and go on to tap the All Settings option.

Step 5 - Click the Language and Location option again from the Settings menu.

Step 6 - To get access to the American Xbox Store, choose the location as the USA.

Step 7 - Now download sling TV on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One using the method discussed in the earlier part of this guide.

Step 8 - To view the content on Sling TV you need to have an access to Express VPN as it does away with all geological restrictions.

Step 9 - Buy an Express VPN service to access the services of Sling TV.

Step 10 - After connecting with the Express VPN service, your IP address will get paired with that of your system’s IP address after which you can continue enjoying American Channels on Sling TV seamlessly.

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