How to Watch the 2024 Super Bowl without Cable?

Please let me know how to watch the 2024 Super Bowl without cable. I have no idea about this how to watch it. If anyone knows then help me.


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Watch the 2024 Super Bowl without Cable:

Are you a Superbowl lover? If yes, then you must be wondering how to watch the Superbowl without cable. The game starts in LA, California in Sofi stadium. The pre-game coverage will begin at 2:00 pm. NB can broadcast the game this year. We'll show you how to watch the action along with the halftime show and all the great commercials.

The sad thing is that the game won't be available in 4K resolution nor will you be able to watch it in HDR.  NBC has not produced any NFL games in 4K this season. The network does not wish to take any chances with one of the most popular broadcast events in the world. 

Out of the 4 major American sports leagues, NFL is the one that you can watch without burying a pricey subscription. You just need to use an antenna that can pull you is a local NBC affiliate to catch the big game. If you live close to a broadcast tower, then you must use a paper-thin indoor model like Channel Master Flatenna 35. This provides a range of 35 miles. A 25-mile range is also possible.

If you are more distant than this, you need an antenna that you can mount on your roof or on a freestanding mast. Before you go ahead and purchase an antenna, you must visit a website like Rabbit Ears and check which websites are available from the local broadcasters.

All you have to do is to enter your address and you will get information about all broadcast signals in your area that are ranked from the strongest to the weakest. When you determine the network that is the most far from your home, then you will know exactly the kind of antenna that you need to buy.

You can also use a streaming device if you don't wish to add an antenna. Some of the streaming options available for you are:

1) Peacock Premium

This is an NBC Universal streaming service and this is the most obvious choice. Moreover, this is the cheapest option available to you with a price of only $4.99 a month and has a limited commercial only. If you wish to buy a commercial-free option, then you can buy the 9.99 dollar plan.

The first option will give you a chance to download movies and TV shows so that you can watch them offline. In case you have not signed up for the 7-day free trial, then you will be able to watch the big game for free. 

2) Sling TV

Sling TV has NBC in its selected markets and has its blue and orange packages that cost 40 dollars and 50 dollars respectively. Both the packages have a free 3-day trial for all new subscribers. If you are signing up now, then you will be able to get a free Chromecast with Google TV. Moreover, Sling Tv offers promotional gifts if you make a prepayment for 2-3 months. 

3) DirectTV Stream

It is currently known by the name of AT&T TV and provides you with NBC in the selected markets. The DirectTV packages start from 69.99 dollars a month. Moreover, you must check the local channels that are available in your area. 

4) Fubo TV

Another way to watch the 2024 Super Bowl without cable is to stream Super Bowl on Fubo TV. It is particularly for the sports channels. Presently, it includes ESPN in its lineup. Also, if you wish to watch Super Bowl LVI, then you can get a local NBC station if you cannot have an over-the-air antenna.

You can also have access to the NFL network for all the highlights and game analysis. It charges you a service cost of $64.99 dollars a month. This package has over 100 channels and it also provides you with a 7-day free trial. 

5) YouTube TV

YouTube Tv streaming service is one of the best TV streaming services available to us today. Presently, this service is available in many American metropolitan areas. You have over 85 channels which include NBC for $64.99 per month.

Presently, they offer this new service to subscribers for $54.99 dollars in the initial 3 months. After that, they will go back to the original price. You can try this service for free for 2 weeks. 

6) Hulu+ Live TV

You can also access NBC through Hulu's Live TV subscription service. In other streaming services, geographical restrictions always apply. However, you can always check the availability in your area.

Presently, Disney has complete control over Hulu+Live TV, Disney Plus, and ESPN+. For this service, they charge you 69.99 dollars. Moreover, Hulu+Live Tv provides you with a 7-day free trial. 

This is how you can watch the 2024 Super Bowl without cable.

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  • 03 May 2024