How to Watch TV on Your Computer Over the Internet?

Is there anyone who knows about how to Watch TV on Your Computer Over the Internet. I am facing some issues while trying to do this. Help me.


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Watch TV on Your Computer Over the Internet:

There are many streaming services that allow you to watch TV online. Below, we have mentioned some of the best websites that allow you to watch TV on your computer. As these streaming services are increasing over time, now there are a lot more ways to watch TV online.

You can watch free live TV, binge-watch a TV show or sit through movies endlessly.

Below, we have stated some of the websites that allow you to watch TV on your laptop or computer. 

1) Netflix

If you wish to watch TV online, then Netflix is definitely the king of all the streaming platforms. Here, you can find the best period dramas and some really interesting Netflix originals. Moreover, you can see a library of kids' shows, documentaries, and movies. 

2) Hulu 

Hulu is one go-to place where people can stream TV for free. You can also find old episodes of your favorite TV shows that you couldn't watch earlier. If you buy a premium subscription, then you can have access to a huge library of movies and TV shows.

Presently, you cannot have access to TV shows and movies on a streaming platform for free. If you wish to watch popular TV shows and movies, then you must pay a subscription price. You can find some of the best original series or movie shows on Hulu. 

3) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon provides the best solutions for watching movies and TV shows. One is Amazon Prime Video, which is a strong competitor of Netflix. Moreover, you get access as a part of the Amazon Prime subscription. Moreover, you can buy digital copies of movies and TV shows that you can watch on many devices. 

4) Vudu 

The company started offering its own devices by using peer-to-peer technology. In 2010, Walmart acquired this company and changed Vudu into a streaming service and changed it to a library of multiple TV shows and movies. Later in 2020, Walmart sold Vudu to warner and NBC.

The company is also offering individual video rentals. The best part is that you are not required to pay any membership fee when you sign up with Vudu. You just pay for what you watch. This app also has a free section.

People can watch TV shows for free and you don't even need to download them. You can select it from a library of free TV shows and movies. However, free TV shows are not ad-free. 

5) Xfinity Stream 

Through the Xfinity brand, Comcast increased its entertainment offering. Now, it includes all internet-based streaming services. The service it provided to all its customers is called Xfinity Stream. This service enables its customers to select from a collection of popular movies and TV shows. 

6) iTunes 

Apple offers digital content to its customers through iTunes. You are going to see three categories on iTunes i.e, Movies, TV shows, and Music. The charges for TV episodes as well as movies are comparable with other services such as Vudu and Amazon. Moreover, you get fast access to iTunes from different Apple devices. 

7) Google Play 

Google provides digital content through Google Play. On Google Play, you are going to find a TV and movies section where you will be able to stream movies and TV shows on your Android smartphone.

Prices are usually equal to iTunes prices. However, you will be able to get easy and quick access to your favorite entertainment content. Moreover, you don't need any subscription for this. 

8) HBO Max

The HBO Max platform of HBO has become extremely popular since it was launched in the year 2020. This platform provides you with both new as well as old movies and TV shows.

Moreover, you are going to find some popular original titles here that have won the hearts of many people. In order to watch content on this platform, you need to buy a subscription. An ad-supported plan will cost you $10 a month and an ad-free plan will cost you $15 a month. 

9) Sling TV

A lot of online streaming platforms allow you to watch on-demand content instead of streaming live TV. Nevertheless, Sling is different in comparison to other platforms as it enables you to stream American TV networks in real-time.

Sling TV offers two packages to its customers i.e., Orange and Blue. Orange package offers you access to mainstream channels such as TBS, The food network, ESPN, CNN, and AMC. Blue package also includes channels like NBC and FOX. 

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