How Vudu Compares to Netflix and Hulu?

Is there anyone who knows about how Vudu compares to Netflix and Hulu. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.


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Vudu Compares to Netflix and Hulu:

In case you haven't heard of Vudu, then you are not the only one. This video streaming service of Walmart is not very popular in the market. It does not have the same popularity as Hulu and Netflix. This platform offers a lot of free content to its users. 

How is Vudu Different from Hulu and Netflix?

This movie streaming service is a lot more like iTues than Hulu or Netflix. Here, you can rent individual titles with standard definitions and you don't need to pay any monthly subscription charges. If you like a particular movie, then you can buy it as well. This platform has a lot of TV shows and movies that you can watch for free with ads. 

The Vudu website offers an app-like interface within the browser that means you can watch Vudu content on tabs, mobile devices, and PCs. This platform also has apps for Apple TV and Roku. 

Is Vudu Worth It?

You must be wondering whether switching to Vudu is worth your money or not. Is it worth canceling Hulu and Netflix subscriptions? Well, Vudu offers Wal-Mart-style discounts. They provide more titles in HD than iTunes. Sometimes, you may find a title cheaper on Vudu and sometimes you may find cheaper moves on iTunes. 

Vudu runs promotions for subscribers from time to time. So, if you want discounted rentals, then Vudu is a great option for you. You should also check out its free content. 

Is This Platform Better Than Netflix?

As you know, Vudu offers discounted rentals but if you watch movies a lot, then this can turn out to be expensive for you. Therefore, Netflix is more of a cheaper option for you, if you stream movies a lot. So, if you watch fewer movies, then you must watch movies on Vudu. Otherwise, you should take the unlimited streaming plan of Netflix. 

If you want to watch newly released titles, then go for Vudu as it gets the new titles faster. This platform has a humungous streaming collection. If you can't wait for the new releases to arrive on Netflix, then rent a movie on Vudu. 

It does not have Netflix or Hulu collection but it has its own collection. So, if you wish to watch an occasional must-see movie, then buying a Netflix subscription can turn out to be costlier for you. Also, it has a good collection of free movies, which Netflix and Hulu can't provide to you.

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  • 25 January 2024
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