Netflix Error M7361-1253: How to Resolve It within Minutes?

Is there anyone who knows about Netflix error M7361-1253: How to resolve it within minutes? I am facing some issues while watching Netflix. Help me.


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You had a long, hard, and tiring day and you just want to relax at night for a while by watching your favorite TV show or movie and suddenly an error message appears on your screen that says, "Oops something went wrong Netflix Error M7361-1253. There can't be anything more annoying than that. To get rid of this annoyance, below are some of the solutions that you can apply.

Solution 1: Restart your PC 

This solution helps you fix almost every computer-related problem. If you are troubled and stuck and you don't know what to do, then the first thing you can try to fix this problem is to reboot your PC. All you need to do is to shut down your computer and then restart it. After that, launch Netflix one more time on your system. If this doesn't fix your problem, then apply the next solution. 

Solution 2: Check your internet browser

There is a chance that this problem is occurring because browser cookies aren't deleted. If that is not the cause of the problem, then try fixing your problem by restarting your browser. If that also doesn't help you get rid of Netflix error M7361-1253, then you should open Netflix on another browser. 

a) Clear the cookies of your browser

When you clear the cookies, you get to clean the corrupt or outdated settings within the cookies file. Below are the simple steps that you need to perform in order to clear your browser's cookies. 

Step 1: Go to the website cookies. Now, clear the cookies. 

Step 2: After you are done clearing the cookies, you will be logged out and taken back to the Netflix home page. 

Step 3: Now, you need to log in again. 

Step 4: Then, play the TV show or movie that you want to watch. 

b) Restart your internet browser

Another way to get rid of Netflix error M7361-1253 is to restart your internet browser. 

  • First of all, close your web browser. 
  • Restart your web browser
  • Now, play your favorite TV show or movie. 

c) Try to use a different web browser

If you find that you are not able to watch Netflix on your web browser even after clearing cookies and restarting your browser, then try to launch Netflix on some other web browser. In order to resolve Netflix error code M7361-1253, you must download the latest version of Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and then launch Netflix one more time. It is advisable to use an internet browser that has inbuilt tools, which can offer you the best streaming experience. 

Solution 3: See if your network supports streaming or not

There is a chance that the problem is not occurring because of your system or Netflix. Maybe your wireless network is the defaulter here. Therefore, it is important for you to check if the network supports streaming or not. In order to fix the Netflix Error M7361-1253 error, you must get in touch with the network administrator and ask them if Netflix is blocked or not. A lot of networks have limited bandwidth and streaming of content on Netflix requires good capacity, which is why you must ensure that Netflix isn't blocked on your network. 

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  • 09 November 2023
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