Netflix Looses Sound Two Minutes Before End of Program?

My Netflix looses sound two minutes before the end... no matter the length of the program. Also, the audio and video are out of sync for much of the program, and those problems may be connected. All other streaming apps are working fine. Any suggestions?


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Netflix Looses Sound Two Minutes Before End of Program:

If there is no sound coming from your Netflix app, check your internet access and be sure the proper output device is chosen. Read on to learn how to configure the proper studio-quality audio on Netflix as well as how to install the audio driver on your computer.

Verify if There is Any Netflix Server Work Ongoing

To download material to your device, the Netflix app must link to its servers. However, this server may be offline scheduled repairs or unplanned downtime.

Whenever you experience a Netflix Loses Sound issue, verify to see if Netflix servers are up and functioning since this could lead to audio streams for the show or movie you are viewing to quit playing or dropping out.

If the Netflix servers are functioning normally, the audio problem could not be associated and instead be the result of something else. Whether it wasn't working, check to see if the audio problem is fixed after the servers are back online.

Verify that Your Audio is being Transmitted to the Proper Speakers

The most likely cause of audio problems I've observed with devices including TVs that use external audio systems is because the TV didn't choose the proper external speakers to output the sound.

If the audio is configured to output through TV speakers, no audio would be generated since some TVs turn off the built-in TV speakers while external speakers were activated.

Make absolutely sure you've chosen the appropriate speakers by navigating into your TV's audio settings then selecting this from the audio output section. Check to verify if the new choice has been applied by restarting the Netflix app.

Make sure Bluetooth is Off

The audio may be directed to a Bluetooth audio device rather than your device's speakers if you are attempting to stream Netflix here on the device's speakers but you've already attached one. If the audio disappears when you're attempting to view Netflix, consider turning off Bluetooth on the device.

To be clear, unpair the audio device in addition to turning off Bluetooth. Normally, this will unplug all Bluetooth devices.

Adjust the Netflix Player's Audio Configurations

Step 1: The Netflix app utilises a player to broadcast videos and movies to your smartphone, and it contains audio settings which control the sort of audio that is broadcast.

Step 2: Before using the audio stream, make absolutely sure your audio system is 5.1 suitable by choosing between 5.1 surround and conventional audio.

Step 3: While playing content on the app, try switching to a different audio stream to check if the audio works again.

Step 4: To make sure that there wasn't a problem with one of the language audio streams, you may also try switching languages.

Assess your Internet Connection

Step 1: All of Netflix, such as the audio, needs stable internet access to function correctly.

Step 2: The audio stream won't be capable of keeping up and may randomly stop if the connection loses power.

Step 2: To determine whether your internet is fast or slow, check your network and perform a speed test.

Step 4: Verify that the router's lights are all on and blinking by looking at the hardware.

Additionally, there should be no alert colors like red as well as amber. If there are or the speed testing results were slower than you expected, reboot your router. If the audio problem still exists after a restart, try restarting a few more times. After several router restarts, if the warning light is still on, call your ISP to let him know you can't connect to the internet.


Although Netflix is a fantastic service, there will inevitably be glitches or even other problems with your device. Consider rebooting the Netflix app and the Xfinity router if you are experiencing audio problems when using the Xfinity internet.

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