Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video

Please let me know that which one is better between Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video. I am going to buy between both but have some dough that which is better. Help me.


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Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video

When we talk about online streaming services, the two most popular names that come to our minds are Netflix and Amazon Prime. These two streaming services are the most popular streaming services all across the globe. 

There are many other competitors in the market but these two services are wanted by everybody. These services are different from each other in terms of features, content section, and price. So, if you have to choose one out of these two, then you will get confused. 

It is a very difficult decision to make as both are equally good. Here we are available with a good comparison between these two streaming services. So, make a wise decision after reading out this post. 

1) Device Support

What is the use of having a streaming membership if you don't even own a device that is compatible with it? If we talk about Amazon Prime Video, then it is compatible with various platforms and devices. 

This includes web browsers on Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Play Station 3, Xbox One, iOS Android, Amazon Fire Devices, Xbox 360, and various other models of connected Smart TVs, Chromecast Ultra, Google Chromecast, and Blu-ray players. 

As Netflix is the procreator of streaming media services. It has the most compatibility with any services. It provides support for all the devices that Amazon provides support for. 

Moreover, it is compatible with various other devices like Windows Phone, Nintendo 3DS. If you take this point into consideration, then Netflix is the clear winner but now that Amazon is compatible with Chromecast, the competition is pretty tough. 

2) Content

Netflix has tons of popular TV shows, movies, specials, and documentaries. Moreover, many Netflix originals are stealing the attention of the viewers such as Stranger Things, The Witcher, Bridgerton, Gambit, the Queen's, and the umbrella Academy. 

The only streaming service that can beat Netflix in terms of content quality is HBO with its amazing content like Veep and Game Of Thrones. Netflix started to reduce its catalog of movies by creating more original content. 

On the other hand, Amazon Prime has a bigger library of TV Shows and movies. As per Reelgood's report in June 2024. It has over 12,000 movies. In comparison to this movie base, Hulu and Netflix are dwarfs. However, you should remember that size is not all that matters. 

It has many amazing movies like Clue, Inception, The Cabin in the Woods. Amazon has also been investing in its original content such as Jack Ryan, Flea Bag, Maisel, and The Man in The High Castle. However, when you compare Amazon Prine with Netflix in terms of original content, then Amazon Prime stands nowhere. 

3) Live TVs and Extra

One of the best things about Netflix is that it has got it all. All you have to do is to pay a monthly price and get the best entertainment package ever. In case you are a cord cutter, then there can't be anything better than filling the gap with a non-canceled cable subscription. 

With Amazon Prime Video, you get access to two kinds of premium content. However, this is not included in the premium membership of 119 dollars. Amazon Prime offers a rent or buy section, which has many good classics and new movies and the price to pay is just 4 dollars.

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  • 03 May 2024
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