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The page of Privacy Policy clearly states the privacy concerns about the user information on the website. Our company has formed this page to give a detailed explanation on how we collect user information and use it on our website.

This page is going to reveal how information is gathered from the users on the website. The page also explains various aspects of data sharing. Read out the privacy policy of the company to get a good understanding of it.

The questions associated with the privacy policy of the company are stated below:-

  • What information do we collect?
  • How do we use the information collected?
  • What about cookies?
  • What about "Do not track"?
  • How is your information protected?
  • How to opt-out of the email conversations shared with us?
  • What to do about the changes brought to this privacy policy?
  • How to raise concerns or ask questions?

What Information do We Collect?

Whenever someone visits our website, we collect two types of information. One is personally identifiable and the other is non-personally identifiable.

Personally Identifiable Information

This type of information includes the personal details of a user that he gives to us when he creates an account on our website. When you create an account on our site, you give us your personal information like your contact number, email address, username, etc.

It is mandatory for you to fill up this information if you create an account through a subscription. This information you share with us is totally safe and a third party cannot use it.

Non-personally Identifiable Information

This kind of information includes the info of the browser that you are using to visit our website. The info also includes your IP address. Also, it collects information about the operating system on which your PC is running.

Moreover, it gathers information about the service provider. The service provider can be a university, brand, or company. This information can be tracked through the log files on the FPF servers.

How do We Use the Information Collected?

Personally Identifiable Information

We use the personal details that you give us to notify you about various topics of your concern. Our website gives you information about the question you asked or any answer given to your question.

The replies to your comments are also shared with you through the email address you provided. This personally identifiable and sensitive information will not be rented, sold, or shared at any cost to an individual or a company.

Non Personally Identifiable Information

The information about the OS, browser, and IP address is gathered for understanding the inside laws and website visitors. We make sure not to share this information with an outside source or third party.

Mailing List

The mailing list information includes the happenings related to the topic of the user's choice. A user always has the option of opting out of the email service. The information that we share on the mailing list is streamlined as per the choice of the users. Only the people who have subscribed on the page can take advantage of this service.

What about cookies?

Cookies are nothing but a small packet of information given by the server to the web browser of the user. This information is sent to enhance and understand the experience of the user who visits our website. With the help of this information, we try to understand the user as it enables us to know about the pages that the user has visited. The cookies only gather the information that is constructive and maintains the user's privacy. The great thing is that you can opt-out of cookies accessing your information at any particular point. However, this will slow down your experience as we would not know what your needs are.

What about "Do not track"?

Nowadays, mostly all the browsers provide the option of "Do not track" but using this functionality, you can only block a website from tracking the website that you visit but it can still collect data from the websites you visit. Moreover, they will have complete information about your personal details that you enter at the time of subscribing.

How is your information protected?

The private information that we collect is encrypted so that it remains secure over the internet. Our company takes necessary measures to keep your personal information safe from getting altered or misused. The power to access the stored information rests in the hands of those with authority.

What to do about the changes brought to this privacy policy?

In case any kind of change takes place in our privacy policy, then we will let users know about it as soon as possible. The changes made will be updated together with a date on this very page. Also, the users will be notified through the home page of our website. The information of the users will never be used without their consent.

How to raise concerns or ask questions?

A user can raise concerns about the privacy policy, information and data. We always ensure to update the users about the privacy policy, data and information shared on this website.

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