How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Not Working Issue

With the introduction of media streaming devices like Roku, the world of media and entertainment has completely revolutionized. Now, you can watch your favorite TV show or movie at any time you want just by pressing a few buttons on your remote. Now, you can have an uninterrupted entertainment experience on your Roku TV.

However, you may encounter technical issue that can cause some botheration. One of the common technical issues that users can experience is Roku remote volume not working problem. 

This issue can occur because of a blocked signal or dead batteries. You may also come across this issue if your Roku remote is unpaired. Dirt or debris present inside the remote can also cause the volume button to malfunction.

Here, we are available with multiple solutions to fix the Roku remote volume button not working problem. Let's discuss these potential solutions one by one to fix your problem. 

How to solve Roku remote volume not working problem? 

There are different solutions that you can apply to fix the Roku remote volume not working issue. Some of them are stated below. 

1) Check the batteries

Before you move on to the advanced solutions, you must check whether your remote's batteries are working properly or not. If you have not changed the batteries in a very long time, then you must get them replaced and check whether this resolves your problem or not. It can either have double-A or triple-A batteries.

Some users prefer to use rechargeable batteries that drain very quickly. It is recommended to buy quality batteries as they last for a longer period of time.

FAQs For Roku Remote Volume Not Working

Why is the volume button not working on Roku remote? 

The volume button not working issue appears if the batteries are not working properly. You may also encounter this problem if the signals are blocked. Unpaired Roku remote can also lead to this problem.

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