Sling TV vs Philo: Which is the Better Deal in 2021?

Please let me know that Sling TV vs Philo. which is the better deal in 2021. I am facing issues while choosing between both. Help me.


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09 November 2023

Both Sling TV and Philo are unique services with many incredible features and options. There are many similarities in these two services and at the same time, they are very different from each other.

Before we move on to the comparison part, let's talk about the similarities between these two. 

  • You can cancel these services whenever you want. You don't need to enter into any contract for using these services. 
  • You can replace the cable. 
  • You can stream TV through the internet. 
  • You can stream Philo and Sling Tv content on Apple TV, Roku TV, computers, and mobile devices. 
  • They both provide an on-demand library. 
  • We all want something unique and special in a streaming package. A user only cares about the variety of channels offered. Both these streaming services offer a wide variety of channels that you can watch. Moreover, you can watch these channels at affordable prices. Another amazing thing about these two services is that you can try this service before paying any charges.

Comparison of Sling TV and Philo

There are some important factors that you must consider before you subscribe to a streaming service. These factors include price, features, device compatibility, etc. 

Features: Both Sling TV and Philo enable you to stream on several devices simultaneously. The number of simultaneous streaming permitted by Sling TV is restricted to

2. On the other hand, the number of simultaneous streams in the case of Philo is 3. Both these services offer you access to the on-demand library. Philo offers a free cloud DVR service. Sling TV also provides cloud DVR service but you need to pay charges for extra space. 

Device Compatibility: Two of these streaming services allow you to connect with multiple devices. These services work on Android devices, iOS devices, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, computers, and Roku. Sling TV is compatible with some additional devices as well such as AirTV, Nvidia Shield, and Xbox One. 

Channel Selection: Sling TV offers 3 different kinds of packages to its users. All these packages have 30 to 50 channels. Add-ons option is also available. Using this option, you can increase the channel count up to 100. On the flip side, Philo offers only one package with 58 channels in it and add-ons aren't available. 

Price/Value: Sling TV is one of the most affordable streaming options starting with the basic package of 30 dollars per month. Philo, on the other hand, offers a great package worth 20 dollars per month. Both services offer a good deal when it comes to price.  It is worth noting that even the cheapest cable packages are more expensive than these two services. 

So, this was a good comparison between Sling TV and Philo. Both the options are great. You must only buy the one that best satisfies your need. If you want a DVR with an affordable subscription price, the Philo is your best bet. If you want the add-ons, then go for Sling TV.

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