What Channel is ABC on DIRECTV?

Please let me know that what channel is ABC on DIRECTV. I don't have any about this channel. If anyone knows then help me in should I watch or not.


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If you are found of ABC channel and you recently switched to DirecTV, then you must be wondering which channel is ABC on DirecTV. This is a local channel that is made available to you through local affiliates. If you are a DirecTV user, then you must be well aware that it includes all local channels in all its plans. If you wish to know about all its channels, then you need to take a look at its channel guide.

To watch ABC channel, you can open the ABC website and log in with your DirecTV credentials. If you wish to watch the channel live, then you can do that as well by visiting the live TV section of your website. To get further details on which channel is ABC on DirecTV, read on. 

What is ABC?

American Broadcasting Company is the abbreviation for 'American Broadcasting Company.' It is a Disney-owned worldwide commercial broadcast television network that was founded in the 1940s.

Though it began as a radio network, is now primarily focused on television programming and is a member of the American Big Three, alongside CBS and NBC. Another feature that highlights the channel's historical significance is that it is the world's fifth-oldest broadcasting network, which says a lot.

The good news is that everyone from the east coast to the west coast can watch ABC DirecTV channel. So, set aside everything and tune in to ABC with DirecTV today!


DIRECTV uses satellite technology to deliver live and on-demand TV to your TV screens, as well as streaming to your mobile devices. There are a half-dozen DIRECTV bundles available, each with an extensive channel lineup for families, movie fanatics, and sports fans.

The number one satellite provider in the United States has always strived to be the best. As a result, all DIRECTV packages include a plethora of channels, including American TV mainstays like ABC, which is a popular choice among households around the country.

DIRECTV surpasses competitors not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality. DIRECTV is a television service that is available throughout the United States.

You can subscribe to a DIRECTV package from anywhere in the country where there is a clear view of the southern sky. And, because of the provider's coast-to-coast signal stability, you may experience fantastic entertainment options in crystal clear 4K HDR picture format.

What is ABC channel and on which channel is it available on DirecTV?

You can usually find the ABC channel on channel 7 of DirecTV. However, the channel number may be different in some states. This is an entertainment channel. There are various other channels that provide you access to the same type of content. These channels include the CW channel, NBC, Fox, CBS, PBS and various other channels. 

Below, we have mentioned the channel number list of ABC channel in different regions across the United States. 

  • New York: Channel 7
  • Los Angeles: Channel 7
  • Chicago: Channel 7
  • Houston: Channel 13
  • Philadelphia: Channel 6
  • Phoenix: Channel 15
  • San Antonio: Channel 12
  • Alabama: Channel 6
  • Alaska: Channel 29
  • Arizona: Channel 8
  • San Diego: Channel 10
  • California: Channel 8
  • Colorado: Channel 13
  • Miami: Channel 10
  • Connecticut: Channel 8
  • Florida: Channel 7

Use on-screen guide to find channel number?

If you are still not able to find ABC channel on DirecTV, then you can check out the on-screen change guide. All you have to do is to take your DirecTV remote and press the Guide button. Use up and down arrows to scroll through the channel list. You can also type ABC to directly go to the channel you want. 

Read the printed channel guide to find the ABC channel

You can also find the ABC channel number by going through the BC channel guide. This has the list of all the channels in your package. ABC channel is also a part of this package. You can also open the index and search for ABC and note its channel number. 

FAQs For Turn On or Off Subtitles

1) How to connect ABC to DirecTV?

The basic package of DirecTV has the ABC channel.

2) How do I stream ABC channel to DirecTV?

If you wish to watch ABC channel on DirecTV, then you need to buy a basic subscription package of DirecTV.

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