What Channel is FOX News on DIRECTV?

Please let me know that what channel is FOX news on DIRECTV. I have no idea about that if anyone knows then help me.


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13 October 2023


Direct TVis an American multichannel video programming distributor. Its primary function is a digital satellite service serving the United States. Television broadcasting has been a vital force for decades, with only a select few channels leaving an enduring impact — FOX being a major example. Boasting iconic shows like The Simpsons and The X-Files, FOX has gained a massive viewership.

What is Directv & Fox News?

Direct tv

Direct TV is a television service provider with a wide range of channels. It offers different channels like news, entertainment, sports, and many more at various packages to its subscribers. The package comes at different price rates. If you want to have access to more channels, then go for the premier package, which includes over 150 channels.

Fox News

Fox News is one of the American television channels that is under direct TV programming services. Amongst the many channels offered by DirecTV, Fox News is one of the most famous. In the US, it is the most watched channel, with an average of 1.17 million viewers watching the channel every day.

Direct TV subscribers can access Fox News on channel number 360. The Fox News channel covers news from local to international level.

You can watch the channel every day to know about the daily happenings around the world.

Here are a Few Plans You could Consider

Direct TV offers packages to buy according to viewers' needs. There are four plans you can consider buying-

Entertainment Package

This package has over 75+ channels. The package costs around $69.99 per month. There is a reward card worth $100 that you will receive with this package. You can have access to local channels, the first upgraded Gemini receiver, and unlimited cloud DVR recording.

Choice Package

This package has over 105+ channels. It costs over $84.99 per month. There is a reward card worth $200 that you will receive with this package. The package includes almost everything.

Ultimate Package

This package has over 140+ channels. The cost of this package is $ 114.99 per month. This package is built by adding additional sports and movie channels. You also receive a $200 reward card with this package.

You can also have access to a free trial and then choose the package you want to buy.

You can install the app on your compatible streaming device like Firestick, Apple TV, Android TV Box, and Roku. You can buy the AT&T branded Android streaming box, which has the full remote from DirecTV stream. You can then log in to your desired streaming service with your AT&T stream username and password. Enjoy the experience of watching TV.

Premier Package

The premier package avails 150+ channels. The package costs around $159.99 per month. It consists of everything from the ultimate package channels to top-rated premium networks. There is a reward card worth $200 that you will receive with this package.

Regularly watch Shows on Fox News.

Throughout the day, Fox News covers several shows. These shows are watched by millions of people across the nation. Some of the regularly watched shows on Fox News are.

1) Tucker Carlson tonight.

Hosted by Tucker Carlson

Average Viewers - 2.7 Million

2) Hannity

Hosted by Sean Hannity

Average Viewers - 2.5 Million

3) The five

Co-hosted by Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jesse Waters, and Juan Williams

Average Viewers - 2.4 Million

4) Special Report

Hosted by Bret Baier 

Average Viewers - 2.2 Million

5) The story

Hosted by Martha MacCallum

Average Viewers - 2 Million

6) The Fox News Specialists

Co-hosted by Katherine Timpf, Eric Bolling, and Eboni K. Williams.

Average Viewers - 1.9 Million

7) America's Newsroom

Hosted by Bill Hemmer

Average Viewers - 1.9 Million

8) Outnumbered

Co-hosted by Meghan McCain and Harris Faulkner.

Average Viewers - 1.7 Million.

9) Fox and Friends

Co-hosted by Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, and Steve Doocy.

Average Viewers - 1.6 Million.

10) Your World with Neil Cavuto

Hosted by Neil Cavuto

Average viewers - 1.6 Million

11) America's News HQ

Hosted at various intervals by Heather Nauert, Jon Scott, Martha MacCallum, Jane Skinner, Bill Hemmer, and Megyn Kelly. 

Average Viewers - 1.5 Million

12) Happening Now

Hosted by Jon Scott and Jenna Lee 

Average viewers - 1.5 Million 

13) Shepard Smith Reporting

Hosted by David Shepard Smith.

Average viewers - 1.5 Million


Fox channels are some of the highly watched channels on DirecTV. Be it related to news, sports o, or business, and everyone is hooked on the quality and credibility of delivering content to their viewers. Fox News is included in all four plans offered by Directv. You can choose the plan that suits you the best and fits perfectly in your budget.

FAQs for Fox News on DirecTV

1) What channel guide is Fox News on DirecTV?

Fox News is available on all four packages offered by Directv. Suppose you are having trouble finding out the channel number to watch Fox News, then worry not. You can have access to the channel on channel number 360. 

2) Has DirecTV settled with FOX? 

DirecTV has signed a multi-year carriage agreement with Fox. As a subscriber, you will be able to watch only a few stations. According to the signed agreement, it does not cover the white knight or the mission stations. They are not owned by Fox. There will be separate negotiations for the missions and white knight.

3) What channel is FOX Business News on DirecTV?

There are several channels under Fox stations like Fox Sports, Fox News, Fox Business, and others. If you want to have access to Fox Business and do not want to scroll through the channels, then you can find Fox Business on channel number 359.

 4) How to Setup Fox on DirecTV?

First, check your subscription and make sure your plans include the Fox channel. Check the internet connection status. Modify and manage the settings of your DirecTV and enjoy the experience of watching Fox channels.

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