Why Does My TV Sound Keep Cutting Out?

Is there anyone who knows why does my tv sound keep cutting out. I have no idea about this why it's happening to me. Help me.


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Fix TV Sound Keep Cutting Out:

It is generally not noticed that your TV is facing the “TV sound keeps cutting out” problem but due to the efflux of time, your TV may suffer from this as the “TV sound keeps cutting out” issue happens to be a common problem when your TV turns tad older and you continue to use your TV quite extensively considering it as the new one.

The “TV sound keeps cutting out” issue may be caused due to a multitude of issues ranging from defunct speakers to outdated TV firmware which may need some permanent fixes in a bid to do away with the issue of “TV sound keeps cutting out”.

Friends, I also witnessed the “TV sound keeps cutting out” issue almost after one year of buying my TV which I was able to fix by replacing its defunct speakers going forward. In due course of fixing the “TV sound keep cutting out” issue, I came across a myriad of solutions either which can really help you fix the “TV sound keep cutting out” issue.

So, here is presented a collection of several feasible solutions by means of this quick user guide that can help you fix the “TV sound keep cutting out” anytime.

De-clogging the Cables Followed by Plugging them Back 

The primary solution to fix the “TV sound keep cutting out” issue is probably unplugging all the cables in a common scenario wherein you may have connected several other hardware devices with your TV using different cables.

In this context, just follow the quick procedure given hereunder to get this done.

Step 1- First unplug the Power cable connecting your TV.

Step 2 - Further go on to disconnect all the co-axial cables.

Step 3 - Also unplug the wires that connect different components of the Home Theatre, Stereo, and AV TV receiver.

Step 4 - Finally after waiting for some time plug back all the cables using the user guides and manuals.

Please also make sure that if you find the damaged cables then you should not forget to replace them with new ones.

Waiting for the Cable Channel to Fix the Sound-Related Issues at Their Own End 

Quite often the sound-related issues may persist in the content that you may be watching or there must be some technical snag that may be causing the “TV sound keep cutting out” issue at the cable service provider’s end which can be attempted to be fixed in the following way.

Step 1 - First you should try isolating the channel if the “TV sound keeps cutting out” issue persists for a given channel only.

Step 2 - Then you should continue by disabling the “Secondary Audio Programming”.

Step 3 - Thereafter, make sure that the co-axial cables are tightly fixed.

If despite following the above process the issue of “TV sound keeps cutting out” exists then you must readily contact your cable service provider.    

Giving your TV a Factory Reset

Another ideal way to deal with the “TV sound keep cutting out” issue is perhaps facilitating a factory reset for your TV because the new-age TVs can be changed or configured in a variety of ways which if not properly done may lead to the “TV sound keep cutting out” issue.

So, check the following procedure to reset your TV to the default factory settings.

Step 1 - Just initiate by pressing the “Settings” button from your TV remote.

Step 2- Now go on to select “Systems” followed by choosing “Advanced System Settings”.

Step 3 - Then prefer pressing on the “Select Factory Reset” option and choosing the “Factory Reset Everything” option.

Updating Your TV Firmware

Most TVs that are manufactured today are based on the Android OS which obviously calls for regular updates. So, it becomes advisable that you keep updating your TV with the latest firmware which would undoubtedly help you fix the “TV sound keep cutting out” issue.

The process of updating your TV is simple and is mentioned below.

Step 1 - Just begin by pressing the “Home” button on your TV remote.

Step 2 - Now continue by selecting the “Apps” icon followed by scrolling down to the “Help” option.

Step 3 - Then from the range of given options just select “System Software Update” followed by choosing “Software Update”.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that you may also choose to update your TV automatically going forward.

Changing Your TV Speakers

The last option that can be performed to fix the “TV sound keep cutting out” issue is actually replacing your TV speakers by availing of the services of some TV technician after ensuring that your TV speaker is really faulty.

In this context, here is a complete walkthrough that lays down how to ascertain the TV speakers are faulty.

Step 1 - First diagnose all the speaker-related settings on your TV.

Step 2 - Also, make sure that your TV is not muted.

Step 3 - Please ensure that no headphones are connected to your TV.

Step 4 - Now go to the TV menu and check from there that your TV speakers are turned ON or are actually enabled.

Step 5 - You should also turn off the “Simulated Effects” using the TV audio menu.

If after trying the above five technical check-ups the “TV sound keeps cutting out” issue still persists then you must look for replacing them.

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  • 17 February 2024