Why Is Hulu Sound Out of Sync?

Is there anyone who knows why is Hulu sound out of sync? I am facing some issues while watching videos on Hulu. If anyone knows then help me.


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Hulu Sound Out of Sync:

Are you experiencing a Hulu sound out of sync issue? If yes, then worry not here we are available with multiple solutions that can help you fix your problem. Before we move forward with the solutions, we must get to know the cause behind this Hulu audio out of sync problem.

One of the common causes of this problem is the misconfiguration of audio settings. Therefore, it is necessary for you to do the configuration in the right way. There is nothing to stress about because audio issues can easily be identified and fixed at home. 

What Causes Hulu Audio Out of Sync Problem?

There are 4 possible causes that can lead to the Hulu voice out of sync issue. So, let's take a good look at all the causes. 

1) Slow Internet Speed

The out-of-sync issue can occur because of slow internet speed. A delay because of slow internet speed can create a bad impact on the broadcast and cause an audio issue. There is a chance that some audio problem is causing the internet issue. 

2) Hardware Issue

There is also a chance that this issue is caused because of a hardware malfunction. This can happen because of HDMI cables or speakers. 

3) Configuration and Software Issues

Incorrect configuration of audio settings. You may have selected settings other than Normal or Stereo that may lead the audio to drop back. 

4) Power Issues 

Power issues can also be another reason that can lead to Hulu sound out of sync issue. This problem can easily be fixed by a simple power cycle or restart. These methods work out in almost every situation even if they are not directly connected to the cause of your problem. 

Different Ways to Resolve Hulu Voices Out of Sync Issues

Now that you are well aware of the causes of this issue, it is time for you to apply the solutions to fix your Hulu live audio out of sync problem. It is recommended to apply the solutions in the order mentioned below. This will yield the best results. Plus, you can test audio after every method. 

Solution 1: Check the Internet Connection

If the out-of-sync problem is caused by a slow internet connection, then the sound footage may be different from the actual footage and that can make the sound go out of sync.

To fix the slow internet problem, you need to apply the solutions given below. 

a) Use Ethernet Wire

The best way to boost your connection is to quit using a wireless network and rather connect your TV using an ethernet cable. When you use Wi-Fi, you may experience disruptions and internet outages because of a wireless network.

Using an ethernet wire, you can connect your router to your TV and get a stable internet speed with a wired connection. An ethernet wire connection prevents random outages. You may only experience problems if the maintenance is going on. Otherwise, you will always have a stable connection. 

b) Keep Your Router Device Close to the TV

If you find that wiring your internet connection does not help you with your problem, then you can try switching back to Wi-Fi and this time try to bose the WiFi speed by keeping your router device close to the TV.

Once you are done placing your router in a suitable location, then you should pair them one more time and enjoy a better Wi-Fi speed. 

Solution 2: Test Videos and Other Channels

If you are not sure whether the sound is out of sync because of some problem with the Hulu player or not, then you must try and play other videos as well. Try playing other content on your TV and check if it fixes your Hulu live tv audio out of sync issue or not.

There is a possibility that the channel's broadcast is facing technical problems, which is why is Hulu audio out of sync. 

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Fix Hulu Audio Out Of Sync:

Watching Web Series, Videos, and Movies on Hulu is indeed an exhilarating experience but you may witness an unwanted problem in the form of “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” that may really galvanize you into action to make your video-watching experience better.

So, when you observe that the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” issue arising intermittently, you should quickly refer to this unique guide that not just explains the actual reasons for the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” issue but also unravels some easy fixes for bringing the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” issue in order.   

What Actually the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” Issue Actually Means?

You may have witnessed that while you are enjoying a movie or a web series on Hulu the parity between words the speakers in the video pronounce and the actual sound that you hear goes missing.

In other words, if you hear a sound that either precedes or succeeds the statements made in the video it may give an impression that you are watching a dubbed video or movie which will really make you feel uncomfortable and your video-watching experience will become absolutely dull.

Some True Causes Along with Quick Fixes for the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” Issue 

1 - Unreasonable Audio Settings may be causing the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” issue 

Persistent Cause: When you connect an external audio device, the same may not find support from the Hulu Live Streaming facility resulting in the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” issue. Also, there may have been circumstances that may have led to non-standard settings on your Audio device which may have paved way for the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” issue.

Feasible Fix: In the given situation you can either enforce standard settings when you have an external audio device connected or you can also check the appropriateness of audio from your Hulu platform by removing the external audio device for a while.

2 - Try to Reset Your Internet Connection before Watching Your Favorite Video on the Hulu Platform Further

Persistent Cause: A slow or feeble internet connection may be giving rise to the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” issue because when enough bandwidth is not received by your Hulu Application, the audio-video parity may get distorted.

Feasible Fix: In this situation, you should switch off your specific router and after taking a pause of a few minutes you should restart your own router. You must also remove other devices that may have also been hooked up with your router other than the one which is driving Hulu Application.

3 - Try Updating Your Hulu App Which may have a Direct Impact on Setting the Correct Audio-video Parity

Persistent Cause: An outdated Hulu App may be seriously undermining the audio-video parity ultimately resulting in the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” issue.

Feasible Fix: Resort to quickly update your Hulu App by adhering to the steps provided underneath.

Step 1 - Search for the Hulu App on Playstore.  

Step 2 - If you see the “Update” button instead of the “Open” button then press the “Update” button going forward.  

Step 3 - Finally, come out from the Playstore and continue enjoying your favorite movies or web series on Hulu to ascertain whether the issue of “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” has been set in order.

4 - Clearing Cache Files may also be a Relevant Fix for the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” Issue

Persistent Cause: On many occasions heavily loaded Cache files may pave way for the ad-hoc audio-video parity. 

Feasible Fix: Here it makes sense that you clear down the Cache by following the steps mentioned hereunder.

Step 1 - Just go to the “Settings” option followed by finding and opening the Hulu App.

Step 2 - Now click on “Storage” followed by clicking on the “Clear Cache” option. Thereafter, click on “Clear Data”.

5 - Faulty HDMI Cable or the Damaged HDMI Port may be the Real Culprit

Persistent Cause: A faulty HDMI cable or the HDMI Port may have caused problems in the dissemination of data ultimately leading to the “Hulu Audio Out-of-Sync” issue.

Feasible Fix: Make sure that your HDMI Port and the HDMI cable are not damaged and the same are in proper working condition.

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