Why Is My VPN Not Working with Netflix?

Please let me know that why is my VPN not working with Netflix. I have no idea about this. If anyone knows then help me.


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12 March 2024

VPN Not Working With Netflix:

This massive streaming service disables VPN connections by blocking users' IP addresses. Free VPNs and VPNs of low calibre, which offer smaller IP ranges, have no chance against Netflix.

You can still use new IP addresses added by premium VPNs to stream Netflix. To identify a working server, you must attempt connecting to a few.

Why Does Netflix Restrict VPN IP Addresses?

Netflix offers content from various movie and entertainment studios and its original programming. Typically, the distribution and licensing arrangements for the content's different regions are contractual in nature.

Due to this restriction, Netflix can only broadcast the content in a few regions. Netflix uses geo-location limitations to uphold the agreements.

The US and UK regional catalogues are different because of this.

How to Fix Your VPN If Netflix Doesn't Work

You can use the following workarounds to get around Netflix's restrictions and stream geo-restricted content. However, restart your devices, check your internet, and update your VPN software.

Make Sure Your VPN is Not Leaking

By changing your IP address to that of your desired location, a VPN gets around Netflix's geographic restrictions. However, this might not be the case if your VPN is leaking data.

Disconnect from the VPN, go to IP leak, and take note of your IP address to see if your VPN is leaking information. Make a note of where your DNS servers are as well. Netflix will identify your IP or DNS address and offer regionally appropriate content.

Deactivate Location Services

Location services like GPS will override your selected VPN server location. Your browser can access your site, and Netflix will use that information to provide content. You are removing the Netflix app's nearby permission on your smartphone.

Use a Different Server

Due to blocking all IP addresses on your current server, your VPN Not Working with Netflix. In the same area, try linking to a different server; chances are that its IP addresses have not been restricted.

Speak With Your VPN's Customer Service

If none of the earlier fixes work, you should contact customer service. Request a list of the current Netflix server working locations from customer service.

How Can Netflix Tell That I'm Using a VPN?

Netflix uses cutting-edge methods to identify VPN connections. However, VPNs occasionally make it simple for the system to detect the VPN connection.

The majority of VPNs promote privacy and anonymity by using shared IP addresses. The use of a VPN for streaming has a few drawbacks.

Although it will be difficult for internet companies to link your online behaviour back to you, Netflix will take notice. The system will become aware that it is a VPN when more individuals stream simultaneously using the same IP address. 

Netflix checks your IP address against the DNS servers as well. Netflix will know that you are using a VPN if they don't match. Because of this, you need to be sure your VPN is secure.

It's also why accessing Netflix via a web browser instead of the Netflix app is more straightforward.


With a VPN, unblocking Netflix and getting around geo-restrictions is a cat-and-mouse game. However, utilising a high-end Netflix VPN can put you at an advantage. To function with Netflix covertly, premium VPNs frequently update their server infrastructure and add new IP addresses.

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