Why Is Verizon Disney Bundle Not Working?

Please let me know why is Verizon Disney bundle not working. I am facing some issues in this. If anyone knows then help me.


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24 March 2024

Fix Verizon Disney Bundle Not Working:

Numerous folks are dissatisfied with the Verizon Disney Bundle problem. You can see this problem when attempting to activate the Verizon bundle because it might not function or activate properly. You can fix the problem by creating a new account.

The Verizon Disney Bundle is Not Working; How Can I Fix it?

To help you solve this issue, we've put together a list of basic troubleshooting techniques. However, before using the methods below, we advise carrying out common troubleshooting steps like refreshing your website and switching browsers. If the straightforward troubleshooting methods don't work, adhere to the valuable advice listed beneath.

Properly Activate The Verizon Disney Bundle

This problem can be the result of improper activation of your Verizon bundle. To turn on the Verizon package:

On Webpage

  • To start online, "sign-in" to "My Verizon" or create an account. You must be the account holder to move on through the activation.
  • Go to the "Account" menu at the top.
  • Select "Apps and Add-ons" and then click "Add-ons along with Apps Overview."
  • Choose the "Learn More" option after searching for the Disney package.
  • To sign up, select "Get it now."
  • To sign up for the Disney bundle, input your email address and select "Check email."
  • Please review the terms and conditions before approving them.
  • To sign up, choose "Enroll in Disney bundle."

On The App

  • Register for a Verizon account.
  • Click the More icon located in the bottom right corner of the site.
  • Choose "Add-ons and Apps."
  • At the top of the screen, select the "Entertainment" tab.
  • Choose the "Learn more" button after finding the Disney package.
  • Check the information, then press "Enroll."
  • After entering the email address, you'll use to sign up for the Disney bundle, click "Validate".
  • You'll find the bill change summary, showing you how the Disney bundle is laid out.
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions after reading them. Then select "Confirm."
  • The enrollment confirmation will begin to show up.

Disney Plus Account Set Up

  • To sign in to Disney+, select "Go to Disney" from the menu.
  • Click "Agree & Continue" after reading the Disney Plus and Privacy Policy.
  • Create a password. If you're using Disney Plus for the first time, click "Continue." It's now ready for you to use Disney Plus.

Hulu Account Set Up

  • You can activate your Hulu account by clicking "Activate Hulu" through the Disney Plus account page or confirmation screen.
  • The email address you utilized to activate Disney Plus will already be filled in.
  • Along with creating a password, complete the other fields.
  • To finish, select "Continue" once more.

ESPN Plus Account Setup

  • Visit plus.espn.com/activate and click "Login to ESPN+" on the confirmation screen to complete the setup of ESPN Plus.
  • Input the same Disney Plus login information, including your login name and password.
  • Log in using your credentials if your email is already associated with an ESPN+ account.
  • Install the three applications; next, launch them. Enter your login details to begin streaming.

Authenticate Your Verizon Account

  • Start by making sure that your Verizon account is enabled and functioning.
  • Select "Subscriptions" from the Verizon account menu.
  • If there are any issues with your account or it has not been suspended for any reason, you may determine them here.
  • Check here to see if the Disney Plus membership is linked to your Verizon account.

If everything appears in order, but you still have problems with the Verizon Disney package not functioning, you should follow the other methods we have provided to fix the problem.

We advise contacting Verizon customer support if the ways we described above for troubleshooting cannot resolve the Verizon Disney package not working issue. Their customer service representatives will be able to recognize your case and help you activate the Disney package.

You should also speak with other Verizon Disney package customers who may have experienced similar problems and can help you. To communicate, visit the Verizon community forums.


1. How can I Activate my Disney Plus Verizon Package?

Choose the "Entertainment" tab from the menu at the top of your screen. Once you've found the Disney Bundle, select "Learn more." After reading the details, select Enroll. After entering your email address, click Validate to join the Disney Bundle.

2. Why won't Disney Plus Work for Me?

If Disney Plus isn't working, try emptying the app's cache or a browser on the internet. Try refreshing your app, and check whether Disney Plus and your Wi-Fi are unavailable.

3. Why does Disney Plus State that a Problem Happened?

According to this suggestion, Disney+ might presume you're trying to watch on a device that can't operate the app.

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