YouTube on Google Chrome Lagging or Slow after v103 Update

In just four years from its 2008 debut, Chrome surpassed all other browsers in popularity. It has since topped the rankings, with a market share of 63.58 percent in the previous year.

Every day, billions of people use it to browse the internet because developers are always trying to add new features or enhance old ones.

However, these regular feature updates may lead to problems like distorted or overexposed colours and M1 Mac users being unable to upload or attach files. However, several Chrome users who upgraded to version 103 are apparently experiencing speed issues with YouTube, particularly when attempting to watch videos on the site.

Some people assumed they were having a problem so they tried emptying their browser's cache and cookies including resetting Chrome's settings, however the problem continues.

How to Fix the YouTube Lagging Issue on Chrome


Although Google has not yet responded to the issue, we found a likely explanation for why this might be taking place. You can be impacted by a recently identified serious security flaw affecting Chrome if your computer has an Intel CPU.

The issue appears to be impacting users of Edge and other Chromium-based browsers and those who have Intel UHD 770 integrated GPU drivers. Additionally, we discovered a simple fix that can lessen the severity of Chrome's lagging problem when viewing YouTube. It entails turning off the AdBlock addon.

The above-mentioned information will definitely help you in fixing YouTube on Google Chrome lagging to some extent.

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  • Last Update: 5 months ago