Troubleshooting the Hulu Error Code P-DEV-340?

Please let me know that troubleshooting the Hulu error code P-DEV-340. I am facing some issues in this. If anyone knows then help me.


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Is watching your favourite show on Hulu impossible because of the error code P-DEV340? I've got everything covered. It may be caused by out-of-date software, problems with connectivity, or bugs in the application itself. Let's examine this error's root cause and practical solutions.

Why Does Hulu Error Code P-DEV340 Occur?

Poor internet, app bugs, out-of-date apps, corrupted cached data, network connectivity issues, and issues with VPNs and proxies are possible causes of the Hulu error code P-DEV340.
Hulu uses innovative techniques to maintain regional specificity. When trying to watch it from unreachable regions such as Europe, Mexico, Australia, or Canada, VPN users may need help.
Additionally, your streaming experience may be hampered by malfunctioning cache data or extremely outdated devices and apps.

How to Resolve Error Code P-DEV340 on Hulu

To permanently fix this error, try the following:
Verify the connectivity of your internet
Make sure the internet is accessible on your device.
Run a speed test to ensure your connection is reliable and quick enough for streaming. 

If your speed could be better, What are your options?

Consider restarting your router. Press the power button, wait for it to cool, and then turn it back on.
If possible, connect via an Ethernet cable rather than WiFi.
Finally, contact your Internet service provider if the connection is still problematic.

See if the servers for Hulu are down

You might also receive an error if there is a problem with the Hulu servers. Thus, it is worthwhile to investigate before proceeding with troubleshooting.
Visit Hulu's Downdetector page to see if its servers are down. Should that be the situation, all you can do is endure it. On the other hand, if no known outages have been reported, the issue might be on your end.

On your home screen, delete and re-add the Hulu app (on Smart TVs)

For Smart TV users, it is as simple as removing the Hulu app from the home screen.
Open your smart TV's apps window by navigating to it.
Take the Hulu app out of your home screen. This removes the shortcut to the app but does not delete it.
Reinstall the Hulu app from your start screen.
This may fix the error P-DEV340 and serve as a soft reset.
Some Hulu users have verified this works on LG and Vizio smart TVs.

Upgrade the Hulu app

The Hulu error code P-DEV340 may also be resolved by updating the app on your device. You can be sure you have the newest security patches, performance improvements, and bug fixes by updating your Hulu app.
Open your device's app store by navigating there.
Look up Hulu and click on it.
Select the option to update and install the most recent version if available.
This helps avoid possible mistakes in the future, in addition to assisting in the resolution of current problems. 

Install Hulu again

The next logical step would be to do a clean reinstallation if you're still getting the Hulu error code P-DEV340, even after updating the app. By doing this, you can help eliminate any outdated or corrupted files that could be the source of the error. 
Remove the Hulu application from your gadget.
To make sure the app is completely removed from your device, restart it.
Go into the app store on your device, reinstall Hulu, and sign into your account.
Try launching Hulu once more to check if the problem has been resolved.
Look for updates for the system.
You can fix underlying problems that might be causing the Hulu error by keeping the software on your device up to date, improving the stability of your streaming experience.
As a result, think about opening the Settings Menu on your gadget and searching for System Update. Install any available updates.

Turn off your VPN

Many Hulu users use VPN services to access content from different regions; however, these VPNs can occasionally cause error code P-DEV340. 
Disabling your VPN is the first thing I advise you to do if you are in a region where Hulu is accessible without one. 
After opening your VPN app, log out of the server.
Look at Hulu without the VPN to see if the issue still occurs.
If the issue is fixed, the VPN might be the reason; alternative VPN providers or configurations might be worth exploring.
You could now ignore it and watch Hulu without a VPN. However, many of us use VPNs to get around geo-blocked content, so you can try troubleshooting that.
The Hulu error code P-DEV340 indicates that action is necessary. Effective troubleshooting of the problem can be achieved by comprehending its causes. If issues continue, you can get more help by contacting Hulu's customer service. 

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  • 09 April 2024